Monday, June 13, 2011

nickie mcclure 20%

1. What I accomplished: I created six screencasts tutorials for the parents and children. I used smart to demonstrate 4 math problems teaching partical sums and partical products. I also demonstrated blabberize, and how to make a glogster. Another thing I did was add great student links to my site. The link to my screencasts is below

2. Standards- I think the standard that I ulitized for this 20 % was was modeling digital age work. I modeled the use of screencastomatic so my students and parents have a reference to look back on as needed. I demonstrated how I used screencastomatic to the students and showed them where they are on my site.

3. I believe I have achieved the standard of develop digital learning assessments and experiences as i had the students do voicethread, blabberize, and glog and then filled out in online rubric. The standard of engaging in professional growth and leadership is me participating this this Tech cohort

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